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    TONGYI Plastic Machinery, from Taiwan, firstly appeared on 1976 with its products sold all in Taiwan. It set up the factory in Dongguan in 1996 in order to meet the customer's demands, and some products begin to be sold inside the country. Always in line with keeping improving, the highest aim of quality, TONGYI is asking for progressing constantly. In order to guarantee the machine quality, TONGYI has been investing a huge sum of money to research the new technology and develop the latest technology, which benefits products of TONGYI that can be leading by science and technology. In line with the aim that " keep improving, quality is the highest ", TONGYI makes unceasing progress. There is key technology researched and developed independently in the field of plastic machine. Known for the latest...[MORE]

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  • Arrangement method of fully a In general, the placement method of the automatic feeding machine is related to the terrain and the working property of the actual working environment. Everything has its own rules, the full automatic feeding machine placement method is also the thre
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  • The central feeding system in The central feeding system realized on aggregate 24 hours of continuous feeding operation, and can flexibly change the color, to meet the requirements of the product's color varieties. According to the production of different molding machine, flexibl